Download Mobogenie for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 (2019 Latest)

How to download and install Mobogenie on PC Windows: Mobogenie is a piece of software to download a huge variety of apps and it also works as an Android PC Manager. You can install it on PC with Windows OS and also on your Android phone. It was developed by Lion Studios and is available for free.

Uses of Mobogenie on Android phone:

  • You can download and use a wide variety of apps for free which are paid ones in the official app stores(Google Play Store)
  • It can download apps faster compared to other play stores and hence works better in a slower speed net connection area(2G/3G data)
Download Mobogenie for PC

Uses of Mobogenie on PC:

  • You can download apps in your PC and enjoy Android apps on  bigger screen
  • Additional and main usage: It works as a PC Manager for Android. Mobogenie gives better results than other PC managers. It works as a bridge between Android phone and computer. It provides a way to easily backup your device contents on to your PC.

Hence it can be defined as a free PC manager for Android and alternative app market for Google Play. “A genie for the mobile!” – Mobogenie

Features of Mobogenie on PC:

  • Fast file sharing between your gadgets
  • Applications can be downloaded to your PC too
  • It can also be used as a YouTube videos downloader
  • Download wallpapers, ringtones
  • Able to root your Android phone with proper settings
  • Contact Manager: Able to edit, delete and copy the contacts from your PC end; which is comparatively easier than directly editing on your phone
  • Desktop messenger option is available with this software
  • Messages manager: Mobogenie even lets you access the messages from the connected Android device right from your PC. Using Mobogenie, you may send messages to more than one contact at the same time
  • Install or uninstall the applications on your Android phone
  • Able to backup apk files to your PC
  • Wallpapers, applications, ringtones are available in different categories
  • Supercharge options for your Android device from your PC
  • Supported on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Android version must be 2.2 or higher
  • Download the best music, photos, games and videos from web
  • Backup and restore from PC to your Android device – Take a backup of your phone in the PC through Mobogenie. Now you may have switched your Android device; but now you need not worry to transfer the details from the older one to newer one. It’s just done in one click away through Mobogenie.
  • Update your Android phone
  • Cleanup your Android phone from unwanted junk files: When installing -uninstalling apps and performing other stuff on phone; so many unwanted files get piled up. The Built-In Cleaner in Mobogenie will get rid of unwanted junk files in your Android phone and free up memory; making your Android phone run to its best.
  • You can also connect to your phone using Wi-Fi without USB
  • Organize your apps and data in your phone from PC using Mobogenie

Download Mobogenie on PC Windows:

The Mobogenie_Setup_3.3.7_1002.exe file of Mobogenie is available in the following site:

Latest version: 3.3.7

Size: 34.6 MB

License: Free

Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Last updated: January 30, 2018

Available in more than 23 languages

Install Mobogenie on PC Windows:

  • Run the set-up file as an administrator and easily install Mobogenie software.
  • You have to just choose the language and then click on ‘Install Now’ button
  • Wait for the installation to complete

How to use Mobogenie with a PC?

  • Connect your phone to PC using USB cable (Kindly note: You must enable ‘The USB debugging mode’ on your Android phone and check whether the driver for debugging is properly installed)
  • Use the multiple options provided by the software to fulfill your purpose of downloading apps or take a backup of your phone.

Cons of using Mobogenie:

It will collect and use your personal data without permission. Antivirus software in your PC will continuously keep reporting that Mobogenie is a virus.

Why use Mobogenie?

Google Play Store is the official Play Store for Android using which we can download apps to our device. But there are alternatives to this one. Mobogenie provides apps for free while those are paid in other play stores. Hence using Mobogenie is a good alternative. Also in addition it also acts as your Android device manager which other Play Stores don’t. It may not provide a vast range of options for apps like Google or Amazon play stores but it provides a different kind of access to the apps. The apps presented to user in Mobogenie are selected by the editors which are proved to provide better performance. You can use both play stores and make the best of your mobile device.

Note: Mobogenie software is said to download unwanted files and virus. Hence it is not being used nowadays by many. The software is not available for download also in many sites.

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